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Christmas promotions SALE!!!

Visit our website to enjoy a feastive promotion sales of 50% discount on the second item purchased.

What Do We Sell?

American style apparels

  • Caps Snaps

    A selection of fitted Snapbacks from top brands. Click on the icon for our complete collection of Snapbacks.

  • Shirts Shirts

    Muscle fitting Abercrombie shirts. Comfortable to wear even during summer.

  • Berms Pants

    Featuring an array of bermudas. Slim-fit & Normal-fit. Give your legs a treat.

  • Shoes Shoes

    Our classical and funky collection of New Balance shoes. Fit your feets into a sweet spot.

Featured Items

Selected apparels on sale

  • HaterCap
    Haters Weed Cap
  • AFSleeve
    Abercrombie Grey Half Sleeve Tee
  • NB81
    New Balance N81
  • Berms
    Blue & Pink Slim-Fit Berms

What are these?

Those images that you see in the box on the left is what we are going to ship in soon to make it available for sale! Check the "Sale"section out! You might get lucky and get your hands on them early!

We usually ship in orders every month! We ensure that each and every one of our products are well made without defects before putting them up on sale & before sending them out!

Items on Sale


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